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Small online courses to give you the connection, support, accountability, and structure that you need to achieve your goals.

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Break Free from Your BFRB: 5 Key Ingredients to Gain Control of Skin Picking or Hair Pulling

Free yourself from the frustration, embarrassment, and isolation caused by your skin picking, hair pulling, or other body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) with this FREE WEBINAR!


Mindfulness for Health & Well-Being: An 8-Week Online Course

Learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression and any other unwanted emotions so you can improve your relationships, function better at work or school, and actually enjoy your life.


BFRB Therapist Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively treat BFRBs with this self-paced online course, with over 5 hours of instruction and small-group support and coaching. Develop this valuable niche in your practice and help this under-served population while earning 5 CEUs.


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