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Earn 5 CEUs and Develop a Much-Needed Niche

Learn to Treat Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) in this Self-Paced Online Course.

This course is for you if you’re a therapist who:

  • Sees children, teens, or adults with anxiety, OCD, or BFRBs
  • Wants to increase your caseload by developing this much-needed niche
  • Is passionate about helping under-served populations

 If you have tried to treat BFRBs with little to no success, you are not alone. The path to freeing someone from the suffering caused by their BFRB is not common knowledge, and most therapists have never learned how to treat these disorders in graduate school or post-graduate training.

I’m Laura Chackes, a licensed psychologist who has specialized in treating BFRBs for over 13 years, and have helped hundreds of children, teens, and adults with BFRBs to transform their lives by gaining control of the behaviors.

I used to think that recovery from these disorders was not possible. However, I was excited to discover that through the right combination of strategies and mindset shifts, anyone who wants to recover and is willing to work hard can do it.

So I now train therapists just like you how to take your patients with BFRBs from that place of utter frustration and desperation because nothing they’ve tried has worked, to a place where they feel at peace because the BFRB is no longer in control, with a streamlined system that gives them control of their BFRB in just 10 weeks.

Therapists who have completed my online course have reported the following:

  • "My client has truly enjoyed and looked forward to the material that I share with her and reports a significant decrease in her skin picking. I cannot even tell she was ever a picker any longer."
  • "It was really helpful to me and my clients! I'm very glad I had this training. I can't think of any improvements except to have some of the meditation scripts available for downloading. However, Laura gave a lot of great resources and presented information very clearly and compassionately. I definitely would recommend this course to other therapists!!"

Program Details:

  • 9 prerecorded videos (2-4 released each week for 3 weeks) totaling 5 hours of instruction.
  • A private Facebook group just for course participants (moderated by Dr. Chackes) to share with each other in a more private, intimate setting to gain support and stay accountable with course homework
  • A private Facebook group for alumni (also moderated by Dr. Chackes) after completion of the online program for continued support and accountability

 Weekly Course Outline:

 Week 1: 

  • Learn effective communication strategies around how you talk to children, teens, and adults about their BFRB, as well as how to instruct parents to communicate with their children with BFRBs.
  • Learn to create effective reward systems to help incentivize your clients to do the hard work involved, including how to overcome common barriers to receiving rewards.
  • Learn how to instruct your clients to start a regular mindfulness practice to gain awareness, focus, stress reduction, and management of any emotional contributors to their BFRB.
  • Learn how to teach your clients how to become more aware of when they’re doing the BFRB by identifying their specific triggers, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that lead to or exacerbate their BFRB through tracking.

Week 2:

  • Develop a plan of effective tools specifically designed for your client based on how, when, and why they do the behaviors.
  • Learn how to help your clients consistently sit with their urges and not act on them for increasingly longer periods of time.

Week 3:

  • Learn how to help your clients accept and love themselves even if they are not able (or don’t want to) completely stop the behavior through self-compassion.
  • Help your clients gradually face feared situations and people so that they are no longer avoiding any of the things that they want to have in their life.
  • Learn how to help them keep up their successes over time with a relapse prevention plan.

More Details:

  • Course material will begin being released on Monday, December 9th. New material will be released each Monday for 3 consecutive weeks total; however, the information can be downloaded and viewed any time, and there is no specific times that you need to be online.
  • Once registered you will have access to the course material forever, and can download or watch videos and read handouts and articles any time.
  • The full cost of this course with over 5 hours of material, 5 continuing education units accredited by the Missouri Credentialing Board, and online support and coaching is $299.
  • However, if you use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY before Friday, December 6th at 11:59 pm, you will save 50%, so the entire course is only $149.