Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Move from isolation to connection, from feeling stuck to free, with this 8-week online course.

This course is the absolute best way to get to a place where you are:

Healthy in Mind and Body

Practicing mindfulness regularly has been proven to decrease stress, anxiety, depression and other unwanted emotional states, and boost your immune system.

Grounded and at Peace

This course will teach you how to manage your thoughts and emotions so that you can respond to stressful situations with more ease and aligned with your values.

Performing at your Peak

You will have the ability to succeed in work, school, relationships, and anything you want once you have broken free from the obstacles that have been holding you back.

"I learned about how to feel the unpleasant experiences and learn to let them go. This exercise has helped me significantly reduce my stress/anxiety."

Former Course Participant

"I have done a lot of therapy in the past trying to overcome negative feelings that I still struggle with and this technique is really helping me already. I am definitely "type A" and have a strong drive to accomplish things. Realizing that my brain is usually on a mission and mindfully entering "being" mode at times like that is bringing me a lot of peace already!"

Former Course Participant

"One of the main things I've learned is recognizing that my thoughts are not facts. That's been really key for me because I used to get really transfixed on my thoughts. It was also really helpful to come up with my early warning system so that when things get out of control I recognize it and know what to do. So it's made me more relaxed and approachable, especially at work because I've learned how to deal with my stress and anxiety in a better way."

Former Course Participant

This course is for you if:

  • You are missing out on living the life you want to live due to stress, anxiety, depression, or other unwanted emotions.
  • You want to do everything that you can to improve your physical and mental health.
  • You are not functioning at your peak performance at work, in school, or in your relationships, and as hard as you try you just can't seem to improve things.

Many people who have tried to start a mindfulness practice on their own are not getting the full benefits that is has to offer. If you have used it as a relaxation technique or a way to help you fall asleep, then you are actually missing many of the key components of mindfulness.

Most of the research proving the effectiveness of mindfulness in improving mental and physical health are conducted with people who have taken an 8-week mindfulness course. The guidance from a trained instructor, as well as the support and accountability of your peers, makes a huge difference in the outcomes of mindfulness practice.

This course is based on the research-backed Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Course, which has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and other unwanted mood states.

Here's what you can expect when you join Mindfulness for Health & Well-Being:

  • 8 weekly online video classes led by Laura Chackes, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist & Owner of The Center for Mindfulness & CBT, and Andy Conrad, MA, NCC, PLPC, Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT.
  • Classes will be held on Friday mornings from 11am to Noon Central Time starting October 8, 2021.
  • The course will be hosted on Google Meet (similar to Zoom), and led live as participation is an important part of the learning process.
  • Audio recordings of the meditations done in class will be available for you to download and listen to for your daily practice.
  • Handouts, worksheets, and articles will also be provided and stored on the course website that you will have access to forever.

More Details:

The full cost of this 8-week course is $400, which is just $50 per hour-long class. However, financial aid is also available based on need. Email Laura Chackes at [email protected] if you would like to apply for financial aid.


So, if you are ready to get healthy in mind and body in just 8 weeks, click here to join us now.


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