From Suffering to Self-Confident: A 10-Week Program to Gain Control of Your BFRB

Put an end to the suffering your BFRB is causing with the top-notch support, guidance, and accountability of this online course.


This course is the absolute best way I know to get to a place where you are:

In Control

So that your BFRB no longer controls you and your life.


From the pain and suffering your BFRB has caused.


Happy, closer in your relationships, and able to do anything you want to in life!

"I finally have tools with which I can manage my BFRB. I haven't quit picking but when I do the behaviour is more normalised and less damaging. I can have a lapse without it becoming a relapse and I finally have more self acceptance and self compassion when I do struggle. The behaviour has also reduced greatly for me, I feel like I am a person in recovery from my BFRB not someone ruled by it."

Former Course Participant

"I think I've changed a lot since the beginning of the class. I'm more aware of my picking, I've learned new strategies, and I definitely beat myself up less after an episode so my suffering has gone way down. I'm so glad to have these tools to take into the future."

Former Course Participant

"I have been able to increase time between episodes and decrease the severity of the episodes. I can sit and handle my anxiety better. I am more compassionate with myself and more accepting of when I have performed the behavior which has helped to decrease my suffering."

Former Course Participant

My Story

I’m Laura Chackes, a psychologist who has specialized in treating BFRBs for over 13 years, and have helped hundreds of people with BFRBs to transform their lives. I guide people just like you from that place of utter frustration and desperation because nothing they’ve tried has worked, to a place where they feel at peace because their BFRB no longer controls their life, with a streamlined system that gives them control of their BFRB in just 10 weeks or less. So, if you’re ready to go from suffering to self-confident with amazing, world-class support each step of the way, click here to join me now!

This course is for you if:

  • You are missing out on living the life you want to live because of your BFRB.
  • You are tired of trying to manage your BFRB on your own with little to no success, and are ready to find something that truly works.
  • You feel embarrassed, isolated, frustrated, or ashamed of your BFRB and its effects on your life.

You’ve tried so many tips and tricks to stop the behavior, and although some work for a bit, nothing gets you to a place of being able to consistently manage the behavior. You probably blame yourself for not working hard enough to get better, but the truth is, it is not your fault.

Most people (including most therapists) don’t know how to manage these behaviors, and they often mistakenly believe that you need to focus on stopping the behavior in order to get better, BUT THIS DOESN’T WORK.

You can only stop the behavior for so long before you slip and do it again, which frustrates you even more, leading to more of the behavior, more guilt and shame, etc.

It’s time to end the cycle!

Here's what you can expect when you join From Suffering to Self-Confident:

  • 10 weeks of pre-recorded videos with concrete action steps designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your BFRB, even if you’ve tried many strategies and treatment approaches without success.
  • JUST ADDED: Two 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls with Dr. Laura Chackes scheduled at your convenience anytime after you register until two weeks after the course ends to address any individual needs that you do not feel comfortable sharing in the group format, and to make sure that the program is working for you. 
  • Weekly group coaching calls to provide you with accountability and full-on hand holding support so you can work through any obstacles that start to get in your way.
  • A private Facebook group just for course participants (moderated by Dr. Chackes) to share with each other in a more private, intimate setting to gain support and stay accountable with the course homework.
  • A private Facebook group for alumni (also moderated by Dr. Chackes) after completion of the 10-week program for continued support and accountability for as long as you need it.

More Details:

  • Course begins on Monday, November 9th, and runs for 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Each coaching call will be limited to 8 people so that I am able to best support all of you.
  • Coaching calls will be scheduled at a time that works for everyone, and will be determined once everyone has registered.
  • The course material can be viewed at any time throughout the week, and kept forever to refer back to. The coaching calls will also be recorded for you to view anytime and keep forever.
  • The full cost of this 10-week course with over 20 hours of material and support is $799, which is less than $40 an hour.


So, if you are ready to go from suffering with the embarrassment, frustration, and shame that your BFRB causes to feeling in-control and self-confident in just 10 weeks, click here to join now.


Payment Options

Pay in full today, or pay just $66.67 today and $66.67 a month for the next 12 months.





  • 10 weeks of pre-recorded videos
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • A private Facebook group just for course participants
  • A private Facebook group for alumni to give you unlimited continued support and accountability






  • 10 weeks of pre-recorded videos
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • A private Facebook group just for course participants
  • A private Facebook group for alumni to give you unlimited continued support and accountability


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